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Arise, My Soul, Arise

The Chancel Choir is singing a wonderful anthem for Easter entitled “Arise, My Soul, Arise.”  The text is by Charles Wesley, and is set to a different melody than the original hymn.  The hymn version is not in our Methodist hymnal, and before finding this anthem I was unaware of it.   The text has deeply touched those of us singing it, and I wanted to share this meaningful poetry with you:

Arise, my soul, arise, Shake off thy guilty fears:

The bleeding Sacrifice in my behalf appears:

Before the Throne, my Surety stands,

Before the Throne my Surety stands.

My name is written on His hands.

My name is written on His hands.


Five bleeding wounds He bears, received on Calvary,

They pour effectual prayers, they strongly plead for me.

“Forgive him, O, forgive,” they cry,

“Forgive him, O, forgive,” they cry,

“nor let that ransomed sinner die,

Nor let that ransomed sinner die.”


My God is reconciled, His voice I hear,

He owns His child, I can no longer, fear;

With confidence I now draw nigh,

With confidence I now draw nigh.

And “Father, Abba, Father,” cry,”

Arise, my soul, arise!


I pray that the beautiful words of this hymn inspire and touch you this season, and more importantly, remind you of the power of Jesus’ resurrection and what it means for you individually.  YOUR name is written on His hands, and you can now, “with confidence draw nigh and ‘Abba, Father‘ cry.  Arise, my soul, arise!”

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