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On New Year’s Day I began choosing a blessing to write on a small slip of paper daily. All the little slips of paper are collected in a big glass jar in my office. This discipline helps me to look for the good God sends instead of feeling overwhelmed about things beyond my control. The 2-25-17 “Upper Room” reading said, “The wonders of the world that I had once sought are displayed in the gradually shifting culture just beyond my front door…God’s extraordinary presence is not banned from ordinary places.”

Here are two of my blessings, randomly plucked out of the jar:

2-8-17: “We had a little bit of snow today that surprisingly stuck to the grass and looks beautiful.”

1-23-17: “I was blessed to spend time talking on the phone with my cousin Ginny today. She is like a big sister to me.”

Court Winkler has been gathering written blessings for a blessings jar too, including a friendship book from a dear friend and notes from her children and husband. She wrote to me, “Colette, my youngest, keeps a running list of blessings in her prayer box… Sarah Bohnenstiehl’s kiddos and my kiddos make homemade gifts for each other every year for Christmas. This year her kiddos made prayer boxes for my girls. It’s a wooden box they decorated with pictures of the kids. The idea is that you can leave your prayers inside the prayer box. Sarah’s family and my family joined the church together. We met years ago when our kiddos were young…..”

What a blessing for all of us that those two families joined Troy United Methodist Church at the same time and continue building their friendships as well as the church!

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