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We will serve biscuits and gravy at the church on Sunday; that is a new New Year’s tradition to me. Many families (including Dave Roderick’s) observe the southern tradition of eating black-eyed peas. The family of our staff members Sharie Meyer and Courtney Bettis starts off the year by eating sauerkraut to ensure prosperity. Others eat collard greens and pickled herrings. When I lived in Austria, pigs were a big New Year item. Yes- pigs…. All of the shop owners offered slices of bread spread with lard and sprinkled with onions; they assumed I was delighted to eat this.

What are your traditions?  Do you share the traditions of those around you, or must you strike a balance? My religious beliefs are different than the beliefs of some in my family, and we work for balance. Maybe I’ll write more about that in 2017.

Meanwhile, with regards to FOOD traditions- I love biscuits! However, I do not eat gravy. I’ll make sure we have butter and honey too.

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