Courage is doing something in spite of your fear. I am afraid of many things, but God gives me the courage to do them anyway. God reminds me that I am capable of coping and helps me imagine doing things without disaster.

When I was a child I could not envision ever driving a car, but eventually a network of people taught me to drive. Now I pray before setting out on a journey, mainly because I fear other people’s driving skills.

I have travelled all over the world by myself without real fear, but I still am afraid to drive in St. Louis. God helps me through it!

God was a huge source of strength to me through divorce/empty nest sadness/illness/job changes, etc. We’d like to think those things will never happen to us, but they may- and God hears, listens, and encourages us all the way through.

I was not afraid to marry for the second time, but I was afraid to change my last name to my husband’s. I was afraid of sort of erasing myself and my needs, as I had before. After learning and growing and having God as part of our marriage for a year, I surprised Joe by telling him that I wanted to become a Catalano! The paperwork was harder that way, but I was really ready.

One of the scariest things I ever did was to walk into my first Al-Anon meeting a few years ago. Someone I love had big problems, and I felt helpless. God and Al-Anon taught me that I can’t fix someone else’s problems- I must focus on being the best Me I can be and know that God is there for others to draw on too.

Many of us are scared to invite someone to church. If I focus on being the best Me I can be, I gather my courage and extend the invitation. What things are you afraid of?


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    Wenifer says

    So true!

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      Carolyn Catalano says

      Thanks, Wenifer!

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