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Growth at Troy UMC

troyumc-building-picWorship attendance at Troy United Methodist has risen 8% over last year at this time. This is tremendous!  It’s been a strong and healthy year.  Numbers aren’t the only indicator to growth, but it’s one of the good ones.  If people feel compelled to be in worship and to be engaged, there is more energy, more opportunity for growth and more connection.  Thank you for your commitment to be in worship.  Thank you for inviting, for giving, for serving and for engaging.

Here are some factors we can celebrate in this season of growth:

God’s Spirit at Work

God owns the church;  we are stewards.  When the congregation is open to the work of the spirit in their lives, the church become contagious. There is a outward focus as people invite, share and engage with the community.

On Ramp Gathering

The On Ramp Gathering is the lunch meeting with new people and pastors and staff. This meeting has been happening approximately once a month over the last couple of years. Primarily, it’s a great way to get to know new people, but it’s also the main way to share expectations of membership with those who want to join. Membership at Troy United Methodist Church isn’t a perk, it’s a responsibility. If you are a member, you have committed to uphold Troy UMC with your prayer, presence, your gifts, your service and your witness. Thank you for your part!

Journey Groups

Small Groups are an important ingredient to people become fully assimilated in the church. Last year, we began with a new season of Journey Groups, which have taken root.  We’re praying that Journey Groups grow even more this year. One reason we changed the Wednesday evening format was to open up evenings for Journey Groups to meet in homes, connect with people and help faith growth happen!

Addition of 10:35 Worship Service

The best way to grow a church is to begin a new service or campus.  Troy UMC is blessed with two worship venues. Both the Sanctuary and the Family Life Center are wonderful places to gather and give God praise.  The new 10:35 service is held in the Family Life Center and has grown to a constant 60-70 people each week.  We give God praise for the core group of leaders in this service and for the future as we keep reaching out!


There is a vision at Troy United Methodist Church to be healthy, strong and growing.  Our mission is to invite people on a journey with Jesus. We want to keep looking outward and inviting people to connect. And we want to set the stage for God to do great things in the future.

Joy and Fun

People want to be places that are joyful and fun. No one needs another place of negativity, nay sayers and petty stuff. We’re thankful for the joyful and fun loving nature of the people at Troy United Methodist Church!  It’s a big part of the culture and the strength.

Praise the Lord.

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