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I won’t tell you where it is, but we have a hidden treasure on our church property. It is a labyrinth, a long circuitous path for prayers and meditation. Ours is marked by a sign that explains it is a “quiet place of meditation dear to the heart of Sue Hansel”, UMW President 2006-2012. Becky and Ron Rushing furnished the materials, which might have been an Eagle Scout’s project.

The only visitors I’ve seen at our labyrinth are a rabbit and a robin. The rabbit likes to sit under the little bench- it probably enjoys the shade and the tasty fresh grass. The robin may have a nest in the nearby bushes, which provide partial shade during a portion of the day.

Our treasure could use a little sprucing up- grass is growing over the path’s stones. Someone suggested planting tall grasses at each of the four corners. Without a map, I cannot visualize where those are.

I tried to draw a little map of our labyrinth, but I have no sense of direction and am easily confused by puzzles. I will give a prize to the first person who brings me a clearly-drawn map of our labyrinth.

-Carolyn Catalano, Director of Lay Ministry

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