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Holy Sexuality The United Methodist Dilemma – Complete Series

Whether you are aware or not, these are tumultuous times for the United Methodist Church. Our 40+ year debate about same-sex sexual practice is coming to a head. I’ve been forthright in sharing that the United Methodist Church will likely cease to exist as we know it after the upcoming General Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota this May. Several legislative plans for separation are on the table. Even if none of them pass, it is very likely that a non-legislated break-up will occur. And whenever we face an uncertain future, it is a wise practice to bathe our actions and our attitudes in prayer and reflection on the Scriptures. In addition to calling the church to 40 days of prayer, we are also looking deep into Scripture to see what the Bible teaches us.

These are the six messages preached during the Holy Sexuality: The United Methodist Dilemma series at Troy United Methodist Church, January / February 2020.


January 5th – A Biblical Worldview: Restoring the Image of God – I’ll frame the current debate within the narrative of the Bible as we think about key questions theologically. View Message Notes 01-05-20


January 12th – A Clash of Worldviews: Why What We Do with Our Body Matters – We’ll look at our current Western worldview and see how that conflicts with a biblical worldview, particularly around how we view our bodies. View Message Notes 01-12-20


January 19th – One Flesh: Holy Sexuality Defined – This week I’ll share the two paths of sexual expression the Bible specifically affirms. View Message Notes 01-19-20


January 26th – Too Old to Matter? The Relevant Old Testament Texts – We will wrestle with the specific Old Testament passages that address same-sex sexual practice. View Message Notes 01-26-20


February 2nd – Not New Enough? The Relevant New Testament Texts – We’ll study the specific New Testament passages that address same-sex sexual practice. View Message Notes 02-02-20


February 9th – Next Steps: What Would Jesus Do? – How does all this affect our church’s ministry? I’ll share very specific ways our church will move forward together. View Message Notes 02-09-20


February 12, 2020


Shared for public use in other churches.

(C) 2020 Troy United Methodist Church,  Troy, IL – Rev. Dr. Andy Adams

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