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Hospitality Ministry Opportunities

Hospitality—it’s responsible for that first impression you have when you worship for the first time and the feeling of acceptance you have each Sunday after that.  I define Hospitality as “Creating an environment where folks can grow closer to each other and closer to God”.  As you consider that idea—what thoughts come to mind? What ideas do you have? Is there a longing in your heart to help?

We all have some responsibility to welcome and assist people who are here to worship—but some of us have more defined and scheduled roles.  Hospitality ministry includes Ushers, Door Greeters, Munch-n-Ministry Hosts, and Parking Lot Greeters.  On occasion, it includes Food Prep and Serving.  If you felt God tug on your heart as you were reading this, I encourage you to pray about it and contact me, Deb Inman,


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