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Pastor Andy wrote us some special letters in the last two “Reach” newsletters. As he clarified, our pastors visit people in the hospital. I head up our Care Team; we try to help one another feel God’s love through difficult times. The team meets every two months for an hour. We share confidential updates, and I provide written resources and other helpful information.

We all can help through the team’s extensions (our card, food, and prayer ministries). Let me know if you can help with sending occasional card showers or if you could make & take food to someone. See our weekly Prayer Bulletin for that ministry’s information.

The Care Team visits and calls people with long-term needs. Other team supporters craft lovely prayer cards, cloths, shawls, and blankets for us to give as gifts. The best gift of all is the TIME the team member and the care recipient spend together. I am blessed by the time I spend reaching out to others. I hope you will have time to be blessed too.

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