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Land Acquisition Information


Red: Current Property | Blue: Purchase | Green: Donation

Troy United Methodist Church has an opportunity to invest in the future as we continue to reach people with the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fifteen acres of property have become available, much of it contiguous to our present property. Ten acres of this property is presently being used as Softball Central – three baseball/softball diamonds, a “concession stand” building, and parking area. Five acres of the property is now being used as a cornfield.

A few months ago, the Church Council appointed a “Real Estate Team” to negotiate a purchase price for this property and to enter into a contract that would be contingent on the necessary approvals which includes a congregational final vote by members of the church.

The Church Council has approved the negotiated contingent contract with these terms:

  • The Troy United Methodist Church would be purchasing 10 acres (Softball Central) for $475,000.
  • The Troy United Methodist Church would be receiving the other 5 acres as a donation from the seller.
  • Pending approvals of the transaction, closing on the property will be in January, 2017.

We also have secured financing for this potential sale with a loan at 3.75% fixed for seven years based on a 20 year amortization.

In 2003, a consultant, Paul Nixon, spent a few days with us to evaluate and observe our church and ministry here. His first recommendation to us was buy contiguous land.  We have some ideas about how to use this property, but the overriding reason to obtain it is the options that it gives us for the future as we continue reaching new generations with the gospel.

Some dates to put on your calendar:

Wednesday, September 21:  Day of Prayer – please spend some time praying for discernment and wisdom concerning this land purchase opportunity. Please email me ( or text me at 618.407.2489 to let me know you will be praying about this on that day.

Sunday, September 25, 7:00 pm; and Monday, September 26, 7:00 pm: “Town Hall” Informational Meetings.

Monday, October 3 at 7:00 pm: Church Conference for members to vote on the plan to purchase and finance the property.

If you are unable to attend the informational meetings, I am available for any questions you may have. Thank you for your prayers and your participation in the ministry of Troy United Methodist Church.

rev-dennis-price-500x300In Christ,

Rev. Dennis D. Price 

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