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I love lists. They help me gather my thoughts and focus on what to do next. I like to write them in the order the tasks should be done. I like to group “like” things together on the list. Lists gladden my heart.

As a teacher, I learned that not everyone else loves lists. Some of my students just picked a few things from their lists; others immediately lost their lists.

I am taking a Methodist “Spiritual Gifts” class through our Mississippi River District. We are using William J. Carter’s book Each One A Minister. He defines spirituality as “a closer walk with God”.  He says that gifts are given to ALL of us by God to do ministry; “The church is the sum of the gifts of its members.”

So far we have taken three different inventory tests with 128, 105, and 160 questions. Ugh. I think that even I am reaching my List Limit……

Based on my responses, I have re-affirmed what my “Spiritual Gifts” are. Our class is looking at various lists of “Spiritual Gifts” including 16, 32, or 12 listings of things. Here’s William Carter’s gifts/ministries list:

  1. Inviting and Inspiring Worship
  2. Welcoming and Relational
  3. Congregational Care
  4. Teaching and Learning
  5. Spiritual Growth
  6. Helping
  7. Administrative
  8. Support and Encouragement
  9. Wholeness
  10. Workplace
  11. Community
  12. Witness

I am gathering a collection of Spiritual Gifts materials, and you are welcome to borrow them! I’ll start a list of what I lend out….

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