• NLSM – Laundromat Love

    Loads of love this morning as 3 high school boys and 3 adult sponsors made visits to 7 local laundromats to offer encouragement to 28 people, including a few children, doing weekly laundry. The group provided laundry detergent, dryer sheets, $5-$10 of quarters, snacks, and cold drinks! A working mother

  • Take My Life and Let it Be

    When Pastor Andy and I were discussing the current sermon series, this hymn, and the story of its composer, came to mind.   It is a great story about Frances Havergal, who wrote many of our beloved hymns.   Though she had been a long-time Christian, she felt something was missing in


    Do you learn best by experiencing, reading or listening? Our church provides all three! EXPERIENCE When you come here, you both experience and help others feel God’s presence. READ Linda Monks maintains a Book Table ministry- you can purchase items at the Family Life Center entrance, plus children’s items are

  • Club Serve 8.0

    Club Serve Volleyball completed its eighth sold-out season. Players will celebrate the end-of-season this Saturday at the indoor water park at Korte Recreation Center in Highland.  A special thank you to Karen Leitner, Anna Leitner, Emma Leitner, Gina Orofino, Susan Adomite, Al Adomite, Susan’s father, Beth Patrick, Sami Patrick, Corinna

  • T.U.M.S Riverboat Cruise

    A happy group enjoyed a beautiful day on the Spirit of Peoria riverboat trip from St.Louis to Grafton recently.

  • Ignition Volunteer

    Greetings Troy UMC Family ~ The church is once again hosting Ignition, a weekend discipleship event for middle school students. This event will be held October 27-28, 2017.  If you have a middle student, be sure to get them here (register with kurt@troyumc.org for the event). Everyone in the church

  • Christmas Choir

    Yes, believe it or not, we will be starting to work on our Christmas music in preparation for the Christmas worship services and the Christmas Concert.  If you are interested in participating in the choir for the Christmas season, we would love to have you!  It is a joyous time

  • The “Land of Pain”

    Some live in the “Land of Pain”, whether physical or emotional (including grief). They cope as best they can with the tools they are given- prayers, help from people (family, friends, professionals), and/or medications…  One of my prayers is that our church family steps up to help. If you have

  • THE CHRISTIAN ATHEIST – Message Series

    October 1 – November 19, 2017 THE CHRISTIAN ATHEIST Christian Atheists miss the truth that being a Christian is more than just believing in God, it’s receiving his grace and growing to KNOW God.  Are we doing good out of an overflow of God’s love, or are we doing good

  • Tent & Treat – An Interview With Natalie Carlson

    What is Tent & Treat? When is it? Tent and Treat is a children’s / family ministry Halloween event at Troy UMC. It’s all free and indoors. We set up lots of canopies for families to walk through, play games, get treats and visit. Tent & Treat will be held

  • TUMC Children’s Choir/Jr. Praise Band

    Wow!  do we have a bunch of young singers showing up for Children’s Choir!  It has been a great start to this year of music making with the young singers.   We have already learned a whole song, and are working on our second.  Interspersed into the actual song-learning, the


    Our church prints a weekly Prayer Bulletin. Many pray for those listed, whether or not they know much about exactly why the prayers are requested. Our church member Larry Jones works with Stacie Bushong and asked us to list Stacie and her husband Greg on the bulletin. Stacie sent a

  • “It Is Well With My Soul”

    This hymn has been going through my mind in preparation for Pastor Andy’s upcoming sermon series entitled “Good Grief.”  I looked up the story of this hymn in the book Then Sings My Soul, 150 of the World’s Greatest Hymn Stories.  Here is a synopsis of what is written in that


    The 8-25-2017 “Upper Room” devotion spoke of using a small, smooth pink stone as a daily reflection reminder. It helps the writer remember to thank God for her blessings. On my desk is a small, smooth rock painted like a red ladybug. It is a “worry stone”- holding it reminds

  • GOOD GRIEF – Message Series

    September 3 – September 24, 2017  GOOD GRIEF Everyone experiences transitions, loss, pain and tragedy in life. Grief is our natural response. Everyone grieves, but there is a difference between grieving in a way that promotes health and healing, and grieving in a way that creates more suffering and pain.