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One of the many things I love about being Director of Lay Ministry at our church is that I have so many opportunities to grow and learnPraying out loud is something I need to learn and practice more; as do many of you, I tremble when asked to pray with someone or in front of a group. I was glad to read in “The Upper Room” devotional for Jan. 11th that “your presence, your body language, and your ability to empathize are also a part of prayer”. That still doesn’t excuse me from needing to learn to pray out loud, though. I looked online and discovered the helpful resource called “A.C.T.S.” to help me remember some key prayer elements-

A = Adoration (Praise God!)

C = Confession (Confess where you fall short; ask for future help)

T = Thanksgiving (Say what you are thankful for)

S = Supplication (Make your requests)

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