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In 2013, we started a three year capital campaign called “Reaching.New.Generations.” The purpose of this campaign was to lower the indebtedness incurred primarily during a major project in 2011-2012. A bank loan issued in 2012 for $400,000 is now approximately $75,000. The campaign concluded at the end of June and we are celebrating the final data from this campaign. Thanks to faithful giving $394,380 was received during the campaign.

You might be interested in knowing these details:  There were 96 pledges totaling $371,596. About 82% of the amount pledged was received: $305,610.  In addition, $88,770 was given from 231 giving units who did not pledge or who gave more than they pledged to Reaching.New.Generations.!

Again, the campaign was designed to lower our indebtedness so we could be ready to respond to what may be next in order to Reach. New. Generations.! Thank you very much for the contributions!

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