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I often remind myself that “things work both ways”-

  • When I took karate lessons with my kids 20 years ago, it was difficult for me to learn to kick/punch left-handed as well as right-handed.
  • I try to remember that to have a good friend I must be a good friend.
  • If I wish distant family visited/called me more often, I need to visit/call them often too- the road and the phone connections are usable in both directions.
  • Before I met my husband Joe, I had matured enough as a person of faith to be able to pray that I could be a blessing to someone else and have him be a blessing to me. Joe and I are blessings to one another.

The 2017 Blessings Jar in my office is packed! As of Easter, we’ve had 106 days. I’ve written a received blessing down for every single day. This is a wonderful discipline and SO POSITIVE. Through June I will continue writing down daily received blessings. Starting on the first of July, I will write down a blessing that I GIVE each day. I suspect this may take even more thought and discipline, and I also suspect it too will be very positive.

What blessings are YOU receiving and giving?

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