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Season of Invitation

Fall is a perfect time to invite friends, neighbors and family to attend worship with you.  Here are some ways to invite:

1) Get to know people around you in your neighborhood.  Christians ought to be the friendliest people.  You don’t have to talk people’s ear off, but you must be friendly, approachable, and encouraging.

2) Share a church link on your Facebook or social media accounts.

3) Invite someone to come with you for worship or a church event.

4) Mention your church naturally in everyday conversation.


When you’re at church…

1) Introduce yourself if you are standing within a certain distance of someone you have never met.

2) Be on the look-out for a family or a person who is new, on their own or looks confused or lost.

3) Volunteer to serve in ministry…  ministry one hour, worship another.  You can help with hospitality, parking lot, greeting, ushering, children’s ministry, etc.  With our location and the growth of Troy UMC in general, there are lots of opportunities to reach out to new people every single week.


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