Generations: The Boomers

The Boomers. One of the largest generations in U.S. history. Shaped by the tumultuous 1960’s, they are guided by a longing for certainty, independence and justice. Many in their generation are cause-oriented activists who aren’t afraid to question authority of all kinds. Boomers in the church are committed to making a difference and creating a new way of life through their faith. The lives of The Boomers set an example for our walk with Christ; we can learn from and admire their willingness to stand against the status quo, as Jesus did for us by starting a world-changing movement that would overcome evil with good, hatred with love. Invite a friend and join us this Sunday, January 20th, as we continue our new message series, Generations, and thank God for the lives of The Boomers.
Luke 4:18-19

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