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In yesterday’s sermon (the first in the Belong series), Pastor Dennis mentioned that he does not believe visitors who tell him they are “church shopping”. I think he meant that visitors have a vision of what they seek; if they can share that with us we may be able to link. That’s how it was for me when I first visited here in 2015. I had a vision that I wanted to be part of a congregation where the hands of God were working in many different ways. I found all ages and stages of people here, led by four pastors and many others. It’s a big church with several services and two worship spaces, but I found a smaller group within things (the Chancel choir) and felt like a part of things fairly quickly.

I had “dated” different churches in the past and hoped I might have learned enough to finally “marry” a church. 🙂  I was out in the dating worlds of church and romance for a few years. I learned something about churches and men- but most of all I learned about myself. I prayed that I could be a blessing to a special someone and he could be a blessing to me. Eventually Joe and I dated and then married. Our kids and grandkids all came to the wedding.  God is a real part of our marriage, which is new for me.

As in my current marriage, those of us who participate regularly in church life also both give and receive blessings. God is a real part of our church relationships. After visiting here for a few months, I took the plunge and joined.  If you’ve been “dating” TUMC, take the plunge and join! We all belong here. -Carolyn Catalano, Director of Lay Ministry

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