Dave DeRemer

As the Director of Connections for Troy UMC, Dave oversees all church communications to include social media, website, creation of print and media publications, oversees special events, develops communication and coordination for newcomer’s “on-ramp” and new members classes and manages support staff.

Dave grew up in Watertown, NY and church has been a part of his life since the age of five.  He would often sing and worship with his mother and grandmother in church services at a very young age and has always had God and faith ingrained in his life.

In 1993, Dave joined the Air Force, where he dedicated his life to the service of his country in places such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, Japan and South Korea.  The highlight of his career was serving in Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  While there, he provided superior support and training to Afghan soldiers, supporting U.S. and Coalition Forces on the ground.  His expertise in the public relations and communications fields provided crucial information to Combatant Commanders during military missions, resulting in the capture of Taliban members, saving American lives, and proved vital overall to the U.S. operational command and control of many regions throughout Afghanistan.

As a highly-decorated Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer, Dave’s exemplary service led to him winning numerous awards during his distinguished career.  Some of these awards include: 8-time Airman of the Quarter, 4-time Airman of the Year, 12-time Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter, 2-time Noncommissioned Officer of the Year, 4-time Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter, Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Year, and Information & Operations Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Year.  He also earned 14 public service and military volunteer awards.

In addition to these accomplishments, Dave has been highly-regarded as an authority in public relations, marketing and social media and has garnered numerous other public relations, leadership and military-related awards, decorations and distinctions.

Dave retired from the Air Force on Jan. 1st, 2016, after 23 years of dedicated service.

Dave’s Master of Arts Degree is in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University, and he also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University, and an Associates of Applied Sciences Degree in Audiovisual Production Services from the Community College of the Air Force.  Dave has held numerous positions in the public relations and marketing fields over the years, including Director of Public Relations and Director of Social Media Strategy and Management and he has worked closely with many different PR/media agencies and major media outlets including the NFL and ESPN.  Dave also has a background in video production.

After surrendering his life to Jesus at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Glendale, Arizona in August 2015, things completely changed for Dave, as God began really working on his life.  It was after retirement from the Air Force later that year that he started to sense a strong call to serve in the ministry.  After a few long years trying to find his true purpose and trusting in God’s lead, Dave’s younger brother Mark moved to Illinois and led Dave to TUMC and informed him of an opportunity to work in the church.

With an open mind and an open heart, Dave applied for the position of Director of Connections at TUMC and was selected.  Dave truly feels as if God has guided his path and led him to TUMC, to share his own story and spread God’s Word, and the mission of TUMC, to Troy and the surrounding communities.

Dave has three daughters:  Logan Erin 24, Jordan Elizabeth 20, and Allison Leigh 17 – and has a grandson, Carter Wayne, 2.

Dave currently holds four fitness-related ISSA certifications, a substitute teacher certification, inbound marketing certification and a professional manager certification, along with a Missouri real estate license.  He is also a published author, avid sports fan and athlete.  He is also a retired professional bodybuilder in the Men’s Physique class.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys writing, speaking, playing sports, eating OREOS and spending time with his family.