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Summer Lunch Program Update

The mission focus for May was the Summer Lunch Programs. These programs are in full swing and will continue until school resumes.

  • The Troy Summer Lunch Program has about 30 volunteers. Each of the five churches in Troy is responsible for a specific day of the week (Monday for Troy UMC) About 85 lunches are distributed each day. Each participating church has received $1000 from the Ministries Unlimited food pantry to help defray the costs.
  • 32 volunteered to participate in the TWIGS program in Granite City. Troy UMC volunteers serve in 9 different locations and distribute approximately 600 lunches.
  • St. Jacob participates in the TWIGS program and serves about 30 lunches each day. They could use a couple more volunteers on Tuesday and Thursday.

These programs are vital to ensuring that those who receive free lunches during the school year continue to be fed during the summer. Volunteers from Troy and St. Jacob UMC are providing much needed nourishment to over 700 children. Thank you to all our volunteers!


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