On Easter Sunday everyone who came to church was offered a little packet of sunflower seeds. The seeds are resurrection symbols: they look small and dead but when planted will grow into 9-12 foot plants with blooms up to 1 foot across. Pastor Dennis chose the verse from John (12:24) which we printed on the seed packets: Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

I planted some seeds in pots with the plan of eventually giving them to Pastor Andy Adams and his family, who are gardeners. First my seedlings almost all drowned in the gushes of rain we had. Then they almost fried in the sun as I tried to dry them out. When I brought the pots inside, gnats came along… Eventually I set up the pots under an umbrella on our back stoop; I had to tie the umbrella to our railing so that the powerful winds wouldn’t blow it away. Then my sunflower (and little basil plants) were discovered by squirrels, who kept digging up the sunflowers to see what was planted in the pots. (?) Finally we set up our screen tent, and the plants have been doing pretty well in there!  -Carolyn Catalano, Director of Lay Ministry


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    Sue Busler says

    Beautiful illustration of the many ways Satan attempts to get in the way of the healthy growth of the seeds we plant for Christ. Planting the seed is the easy part. Tending to the seed and nurturing it over time until it is strong and mature is what’s difficult. It takes follow-up and persistence. Likewise, when we introduce somebody to Christ, we must be prepared to love and encourage them during the early days of their faith journey as they experience doubts, frustrations, and other attacks by Satan.

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