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Tent & Treat – An Interview With Natalie Carlson

What is Tent & Treat? When is it?

Tent and Treat is a children’s / family ministry Halloween event at Troy UMC. It’s all free and indoors. We set up lots of canopies for families to walk through, play games, get treats and visit.

Tent & Treat will be held at Troy United Methodist Church on Sunday evening, October 29 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Everyone is invited!

Who helps with Tent & Treat?

The children’s ministry helps organize Tent & Treat, but it takes lots of people to make it a great night. It’s definitely an inter-generational – with all ages participating in staffing the canopies, welcoming people or helping with food. I love organizing from behind the scenes.

What is your vision for the event?

This one evening is an awesome opportunity to be hospitable to children and families. We want to connect with the community, have a great evening together, share the love of Christ through a high impact, low commitment event, and invite them to get connected to Troy UMC!  From our best guess last year, there were nearly 800 kids and families that came through the Tent & Treat event. We’re praying to reach 1000 kids and families this year, and praying that we are able to meaningful connect with several families for future ministry.

How can members of the congregation join you in this mission?

Wow. I could really use your help. We learned last year that we need lots more candy. You’re invited to donate candy anytime leading up to Tent & Treat. We also need people who will set up, decorate and “staff” a canopy tent during the event. Set up will take place after worship on Sunday, October 29 and the event is from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. I would also love to have a couple people help me take posters for this event to banks, libraries and businesses around the region. And if you are unable to be here for the event, but have a pop up canopy we can borrow, let me know!

So, in summary, the bullet point needs are:

  • – pray for tent & treat
  • – invite some people to attend
  • – sign up to decorate and staff a canopy
  • – bring a pop up canopy to be used
  • – bring candy to use as tents run low
  • – help with food that evening
  • – take posters to area businesses, libraries, etc.

Any other thoughts about Tent & Treat?

This is one of the four or five strategic events we have over the year to invite new people to participate. A side benefit is that families within the church have an evening of connecting and fellowship. It’s a win win.  One other huge impact was the follow up pictures we posted on facebook.  There was a ton of interaction following the event! Thanks to David Rayle for the picture taking operation during Tent & Treat!

How can people contact you to get involved?

Feel free to call or text: 618-616-1912 or you can email me: Let me know how you can help!  I would love to talk with you!

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