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Three Ways To Respond To New Members

Ten new members joined Troy United Methodist Church last week.

Sometimes, we tend to take people joining a church for granted.  What it really means is, that by God’s grace, in some amazing way, that person or family has found their way to this little corner of the globe for a variety of reasons. They have sought out a church, also for a variety of reasons, and then through a process – some fast and some more slowly – commit to being connected here.  They lay down roots and commit to being a part of the ministry of this church as the Body of Christ.

And this Sunday, we will welcome more new members.

Here are three things we should do when we have new members at church:

1) Celebrate!  The church is growing and reaching it’s mission to invite people on a journey with Jesus.

2) Connect!  Reach out to new members. Invite them to things.  Connect on Sundays.  Pull them in.  Make a point to talk to new members after worship the day they join.  Take it upon yourself to send them a card or gift or a personal invitation to a ministry you lead.

3) Consider the fact that you were one a new member!  Seeing new members take vows, is a powerful reminder of the vows we once took as members of this church.

Do you trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

Will you uphold Troy United Methodist Church with your:

Prayer – Do you pray for the church?  Pray for the leaders.  Pray for your part in the ministry. Pray for passion,  growth and mission as we serve together.  And pray for the community and those who need Jesus. Members of Troy UMC are expected to be praying people.

Presence – Are you committed to being at church for worship and ministry?  Do you offer radical hospitality to those who are guests?  Are you present in a study or growth group of some kind?  Is your commitment to Christ and his work reflected in your schedule? Members of Troy UMC are expected to be in worship every Sunday they are in town.

Gifts – Are you committed to giving?  More than a need to support the church and pay the bills, are you extravagantly generous?  Does your giving reflect your commitment?  Are we putting our resource to the use in kingdom?  Members of Troy UMC are expected to tithe or be growing toward a tithe.

Service – Are you involved in a ministry role?  Are you using your gifts to serve in the church and in outreach to the world?  Members are Troy UMC are invited to serve at least one hour a week outside of weekly worship.

Witness –  Our witness comes as we connect faith to daily life.  Are you growing in grace and holiness?  Is it shaping the way you live out your home-life, work-life and in relationships? Members of Troy UMC are invited to daily follow Christ and to be his hands and feet.

The church exist for those who are not yet in it.  Membership at Troy UMC isn’t a privilege, but a responsibility to keep sharing the Good News of Christ in the world.

Troy United Methodist Church

Troy, IL

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