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TUMC Acronyms Defined

We see them everywhere. Shortened names of groups, policies, places, bands and food.  FYI – they are called “acronyms”, which means an abbreviation formed from the initial letters.
Acronyms are great because they 1) save time, 2) build culture among those who are in the know and 3) can become more memorable and more portable.
On the downside, it can leave people out who don’t understand what in the world the letters could mean.
One of our goals in church communication is to spell out as much as possible what things mean for those who are new to the church and ministry.  But in case an acronym slips through, here’s an AG for you (not Attorney General and no not, Assembly of God Church, an Acronym Glossary).
Grab a PBJ, sit down for some R&R and take a look at this list ASAP!
UMW – United Methodist Women
UMC – United Methodist Church
TUMC – Troy United Methodist Church
FLC – The Family Life Center, the lower level of Troy United Methodist Church
UMM – United Methodist Men
NLSM – New Life Student Ministry (the official name of the Troy United Methodist Church Student Ministry)
SPR – Staff-Parish Relations Committee for the church
TUMS – Troy United Methodist Sight Seers (55+) A retirees group that meets
VBS – Vacation Bible School – a weeklong children’s ministry event held each summer
HMT – Harvest Ministry Teams (The summer music ministry team that travels to camps and churches)
F@H – Faith at Home Events through the Family Ministry at Troy UMC
IGRC – Illinois Great Rivers Conference (Troy United Methodist Church is part of this network of churches, which includes about 600 other congregations extending from I-80 south.
MMDC – Midwest Missions Distribution Center – this is a ministry in Chatham that supplies disaster relief to places all over the country and world. Many Troy UMC groups go work at MMDC on a regular basis.
NIV – New International Version of the Bible
TNIV – Today’s New International Version of the Bible
TY (Thank You) for reading and for being a part of TUMC!

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