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TUMC Children’s Choir/Jr. Praise Band

Wow!  do we have a bunch of young singers showing up for Children’s Choir!  It has been a great start to this year of music making with the young singers.   We have already learned a whole song, and are working on our second.  Interspersed into the actual song-learning, the children are learning some basic music and singing skills.  We always end the evening with a silly song (which they love) and a prayer.  It always touches my heart so much to hear the prayer concerns the young ones bring up.  They are so earnest!    If you have a young singer, ages 1st grade through 5th, we would love for him/her to join our little singing family.  We meet in the fellowship hall from 5:15- to 5:45 (or so) on Wednesdays.

Tim started the Jr. Praise Band on Wednesday.  I know all of the young musicians were excited for this year to begin!   There is always room for your middle school student to join in.  Even if they have no experience, I guarantee Tim can teach them what they need to know and they will have a great time doing it!    Jr. Praise Band meets in the Upper Family Life Center from 5:15-6:00pm on Wednesdays.

Please contact us if you have any questions!;

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world. Martin Luther

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