The Gift of Voice ministry in Edwardsville held a Pastor Resource Day this week. I attended and learned a lot about mental health resources. Did you know that the Illinois Warm Line provides free proactive wellness support to anyone in IL, 8 am- 5 pm M-F? (866-359-7953)

We were united in our belief that God Can Do Anything! Speaker Nanette Larson emphasized how much our WORDS matter:

  • Never– Telling someone they will “never” get off a medication is very discouraging. NO ONE knows the future, and we live in an age of awesome scientific breakthroughs!
  • Just for today– A medication may have unpleasant side effects, but overall it helps and “just for today” can be put up with.
  • Yet is another encouraging little word: “I don’t know how to use that technology… yet!”

Someone suffering from a disease is a person first. When we say “Susie has disease X” (instead of “Susie is X”) we remember that Susie is a child of God who deals with X. If Susie is open about successfully dealing with X she becomes a mentor to those seeking a vision for living meaningfully while also dealing with a disease. In our wellness, God helps us fulfill our unique purposes.


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    AJ French says

    Carolyn, thanks for joining us on Pastor Resource Day and for taking time to blog about what Director Larson shared with the audience – – the importance of avoiding negative predictions which include “never” messages and the value of reinforcing hopeful messages with the word “yet.” “Yet” is perhaps the most hopeful word in the English language. 🙂

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