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The Gift of Voice ministry in Edwardsville held a Pastor Resource Day this week. I attended and learned a lot about mental health resources. Did you know that the Illinois Warm Line provides free proactive wellness support to anyone in IL, 8 am- 5 pm M-F? (866-359-7953)

We were united in our belief that God Can Do Anything! Speaker Nanette Larson emphasized how much our WORDS matter:

  • Never– Telling someone they will “never” get off a medication is very discouraging. NO ONE knows the future, and we live in an age of awesome scientific breakthroughs!
  • Just for today– A medication may have unpleasant side effects, but overall it helps and “just for today” can be put up with.
  • Yet is another encouraging little word: “I don’t know how to use that technology… yet!”

Someone suffering from a disease is a person first. When we say “Susie has disease X” (instead of “Susie is X”) we remember that Susie is a child of God who deals with X. If Susie is open about successfully dealing with X she becomes a mentor to those seeking a vision for living meaningfully while also dealing with a disease. In our wellness, God helps us fulfill our unique purposes.

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