Thank for your part in Troy United Methodist Church Worship Ministry.


The purpose of the Troy UMC worship ministry is to glorify God and help people connect with Him by facilitating engaging worship experiences.


For the Family Life Center Worship Services, primarily led by the worship band, we ask each team member to commit to attending a 1.5 hour Wednesday evening rehearsal and then serve for both 9:00 service and the 10:45 service on Sunday mornings, with an overall time frame of 7:45 am – 11:45 am.  (For tech ministry team members, there are two waves of serving on Sunday mornings, so the time commitment is broken up by worship time slot.) Though we reserve the right to pull someone in for Sunday morning only, optimally, we want each team member to be available for both Wednesday and Sunday for the weeks you are serving. Thank you in advance or your commitment!


Each worship team member should be growing in their walk with Christ. We ask team members to attend worship each week you’re in town even if you’re not on the schedule to serve from the stage. Be a part of a Journey Group or other small group for learning and growth. Pray for the worship team and ministry. Pray for the church. As those who serve from the front, our lives should exemplify a desire to follow Jesus. Our witness off stage – through our actions, words and attitudes, and social media posts – has more impact than we realize.


We invite each team member to practice on their own so that we can rehearse together.  Planning Center makes this very simple. Print off the songs, listen to the tracks and be ready for Wednesday.


Sundays are important. For the worship team, we put all our eggs in one basket – making each Sunday as excellent as possible. Some possible ideas for preparing at home include: 1) Run through music, 2) Get a great night’s sleep on Saturday evening. 3) Read through the scripture for the message the next day. 4) Listen to the songs. 5) Pray for a powerful move of God’s spirit as we serve and lead.


Each team member is asked to keep track of Planning Center Online. Please respond to invitations to serve within 48 hours. If you know a Sunday you will be gone, use the simple block off tool to let us know you can’t serve. That will make scheduling much easier. Planning Center is our friend. And a response with the green “ACCEPT” or the red “DECLINE” is much better than yellow, which means uncertain.


Dress for worship attendees ranges from shorts and t-shirts to jeans and polos all the way to sport coats. We ask the worship team to dress modestly nothing too tight or short, no jeans with holes, no shirts with words printed on them and somewhere in the middle of the road – not shorts and t-shirt, but not a suit either. Typical dress for the worship team members is long pants and a nice shirt and for women it’s typical informal skirts / tops / jeans or dresses.


There are lots of roles in worship ministry. A person can be involved in vocals, instrumental or tech ministry. There are also behind the scenes roles such as stage decor and special events. Additionally, there are times when special choirs or instrumentalists are needed. At Troy UMC, there are worship roles for different styles of worship music including choirs, youth bands, orchestra, drama, video and tech. You’re invited to explore and get involved! Contact Tim Price ( or Emily Ottwien ( to talk further.


We want to have compassion from the stage. It’s our job to invite others to worship and that means clearing any foreseeable obstacle out of the way. Confidence comes from knowing the music, being comfortable with the microphone and in ear monitors and enjoying the opportunity to use your gifts in ministry.  A smile from the stage needs to be a little larger to translate to a smile at all to the congregation. No cell phones visible on stage. No whispering or talking. When someone is singing, making an announcement, getting baptized or sharing a testimony, we need to keep our eyes directed to them (even if we’re behind them).  Worship team members need to be “thermostats” and not “thermometers.” We need to help set the energy and the tone, not reflect it. Remember, there is someone in the pew during every single service that needs to experience God’s grace and message. We want to give our best each time we were are serving in the worship role.


Audition may be a scary word, but as informal as the audition may be, here are the reason we audition for various ministry roles in the church:

  1. BECAUSE GOD DESERVES OUR BESTGod asks for the best we can give Him in our worship. In the Old Testament, God asked for the best of what the people had as their worship offering. For us, that means services that are well planned and presented to Him by people He gifted to help lead. It’s not about perfectionism; it’s about giving our best to God.
  2. BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO BE A DISTRACTIONEach of us can have the purest hearts of worship in the world; but if our abilities are lacking, we can end up distracting people in services from worshipping God and focusing on Him and instead turn the attention unwillingly to ourselves.
  3. BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TO BE THE MOST FULFILLEDRomans 12 talks about using our spiritual gifts. We all have areas of interest in which we aren’t necessarily highly gifted. When we are serving in the areas God gifted us, we have more joy and fulfillment and are more effective.  Auditions help us find those areas.


At Troy UMC auditioning is more of a gradual process rather than a onetime deal.  First, you and the worship leader(s) will get together at church to get to know one another and to play/sing through a few worship songs. Assuming all goes well, we’ll set up a time for you to come and observe part of a rehearsal on a Wednesday night with other members of the worship team. This time might also include playing/ singing a few songs with the band. After these steps, you will be scheduled to play with the team some Sunday so you can get a feel for what it’s like. It also gives the worship leader the ability to see how you’d do in the context of playing with a full band. Within a couple weeks the worship leader will reach out to discuss where things are. If everything is great on both ends, we will sign you up for a season of commitment. If you every need a break from serving, you can always take time off! No one is locked in forever. Additionally, on Planning Center, you can indicate your preference for number of Sundays to serve each month.

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