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  • Report From South Carolina Mission Trip (Sr. High Students)

    Many high-school students would say that the best parts of their summer is sitting by the pool all day, or staying out late with friends, but not our 12th grader, Daniel Perry. Daniel says that, “The [youth] mission trip is one of the best parts of my summer. It is

  • Disciple-Fast-Track

    Disciple Fast Track Bible Study

    Disciple Fast Track Bible Study Disciple Fast Track offers a rich and in-depth study of Scripture in a small group setting. The class will study the Old Testament for twelve consecutive weeks in the Fall, adjourn for a one-month Christmas break, and then reconvene for another twelve weeks in the

  • reaching new


    In 2013, we started a three year capital campaign called “Reaching.New.Generations.” The purpose of this campaign was to lower the indebtedness incurred primarily during a major project in 2011-2012. A bank loan issued in 2012 for $400,000 is now approximately $75,000. The campaign concluded at the end of June and we are